Residential Property Management - Régie de Propriétés
These Properties entrust us.

2010, ASVP. tel: +33 2 5651 2420 - e-mail
A real house-management service, 
adapted to your wishes and the needs of your property.

This service includes all or part of the followings:

      •    Maintenance
      •    Supply
      •    Prevention against damages
      •    Security

      •    Design - Renovation

The packaging of these components provides you with:

    •    The best efficiency
    •    The best Quality/Price  rate 

Any price comparison of our packaged components with more traditional ones would advantage our service.
Websites of Partners and other useful information

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     Sports and leisures 
       •   Golf 
       •   Tennis

     Associations in France

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         •   La Demeure Historique

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